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The Quest for COVID Protective Antibodies This past week the U.S. reported greater than 600,000 new cases of COVID-19 a day, obliterating the past record of 250,000 cases set last winter. Hospitalizations are greater than during the height of the Delta wave. Deaths are beginning to rise again, pushing the country’s known pandemic total past…


Nearly eighteen months ago, I came home after a brief trip to Nepal to participate in a cancer conference sponsored by the Binaytara Foundation (BTF) and to witness firsthand the remarkable work of humanitarians Binay Shah and his wife, Tara. They had been working tirelessly (and as I later witnessed, remarkably effectively), to create more…


Do We All Need Boosters? Another Labor Day has come and gone. Trees are shedding their leaves, school buses are once again making their rounds, and days in the Northwest are most assuredly growing darker earlier.  I sense a vaguely familiar chill settling in, but I am not solely referring to the weather. Although local…

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